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Land Rover Freelander 1 Suspension & Steering




Suspension is provided by macpherson strut (one in each corner), stabiliser bars and both front and rear suspension being mounted on a subframe. Shock absorbers are part of the strut assembly with a coil spring around them.

Steering is rack and pinion and comprises an anti-roll bar and drop links for cornering stability. 

The good news about using subframes is that the components that rust are removable (usually) and can be replaced with good second hand parts that can be sand-blasted and primed / painted or powder coated. As long as the vehicle chassis rails are intact and the bolts come out of the vehicle then a subframe assembly can be replaced. See below.

Power steering is powered by a pump driven from the auxiliary drive belt and uses fluid to reduce the steering effort. Again, pumps last well and a used pump in good condition will reduce costs when replacing.

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