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With the youngest Freelander 1 now being over 15 years old, getting cost effective servicing, repairs and buying good quality used spare parts is a very economical way to keep your Land Rover on the road.

Servicing and Repairs.

As dealership prices continue to rise, Freelanders can become very quickly 'uneconomic to repair'. This means a perfectly useable vehicle may be scrapped due to a fairly simple problem that a dealer may not be interested in repairing, or is interested, but it will cost!


I can diagnose most problems on the Freelander, provide guidance on what to do next, suggest cost effective solutions to the problem and save you money or worse, scrapping your vehicle.

Great stock of parts.

Please use the contact form if you are looking for particular parts. I keep some items listed on Ebay which you can see on the attached link, it is impossible to list all stock so please ask !

The link is not supported on mobile devices. Please search Ebay 'seller:walton4265'

Diagnostics, Fault Code Reading and Live Data Readout

Depending on the year, (pre-2001 petrol and pre-2004 diesel) Freelanders are not always compatible with the readily available OBD II (On Board Diagnostics) computer interfaces.

I have Freelander specific code readers which will help you, me or your designated repairer with a 'clue' as to the problem. The code will not 'tell you the fault' but, with knowledge of the vehicle it can lead you to vastly narrow down the fault and save time and money.

'Live data' recorded whilst the engine is running is also available and can be a useful diagnostic tool.

Key Fob programming

Due to the age of these vehicles owners can lose the key fob or it can get broken. By bringing another 'spare' key fob from a different or scrap vehicle this can be re-programmed to work with your car.

Spare key fobs are also available from me direct but I need the type number.

Currently I am unable to reprogram keys or chips in keys (but I'm working on it !)


Happy to give advice and / or supply parts for you to enhance your vehicle.

For example, many different trim finishes were available as options, upgrading to parts from a more 'up market' vehicle is often a low cost way to upgrade your vehicle.

Support, Advice on Purchase, Rebuilds or Repair

Very happy to pass on what knowledge I have. I have now probably had an entire Freelander 1 to pieces and back together again (that is the important bit) several times over. I have probably encountered most of the problems you are likely to find when carrying out repair work. Also, I have updated some of the components to bring the vehicle into the 21st Century. 

With full workshop facilities including a 2 post lift, if you are looking to purchase a Freelander, I can help with a survey and identification of obvious faults before you purchase.

If you have an aging Freelander, another popular service that I offer is to complete a condition report with a prioritised list of items needing attention, the priority and cost estimate. This can help with decisions on whether to change the vehicle or repair it.

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