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Land Rover Freelander 1 Technical Data

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This page contains information, not always readily available, that is essential to maintaining and preserving these vehicles.

The information currently exists on scraps of paper and notes made in manuals, it will be included as time allows.

Often workshop manuals take the simplest route to repair (not always the most cost effective way) !

It will be up to the reader to decide if they possess the necessary competence to implement the solutions safely. A default position should be to always seek expert support where in doubt.

Examples of information to be added includes:

  • VIN number of key changes (ABS, fuel pump types and locations, lights and bodyshell modifications).

  • Brake pipe union sizes, flare types and tips on replacement.

  • VCU testing information and figures (indicative of a good or failing unit).

  • Injector (for diesel) types and differences.

  • Live Data results for working engines to allow comparison when a fault exists.

  • Electrical wiring colours for basic component testing.

  • Methods of repair / replacement of components without the need to replace whole units (e.g. hall effect sensor in rear window motor to avoid cost of entire motor assembly).

This is a 'dynamic' section for which content is invited to be shared with others. So if you've solved a problem that may help others please document it and send it in. Thanks.

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