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Land Rover Freelander 1 Electrical

All this is in the tailgate !!

A massive section and requiring a website of its own really !


The Freelander 1 was one of the first vehicles to use electronics to provide the following systems:


  • Engine management

  • Body electrical system coordination Central Control Unit (CCU) - e.g windows, central locking, wipers, interior lamp delay, lights on alarm, tailgate window etc.

  • Anti-theft and immobilisation - uses both CCU and a separate immobiliser module

  • Airbag control

  • Remote control entry and locking

  • Diagnostic facility - to aid fault finding

This is all fine except that the more complex a system is the more there is to go wrong ! The above photo shows the contents of the rear door electrics.

It also means that you can't just get a new remote fob, it has to be coded, you can't just get a new key cut it has to have a chip inside the key programmed otherwise it won't start the car etc.

This leads to changing expensive items and / or using dealerships to replace such parts. By careful choice and with knowledge, second hand parts can sometimes be used to reduce the cost.

Changing complete units is not always necessary and there are components that can fail and be changed without throwing the whole unit away.

Electric windows are useful but can fail either due to motors / switches or due to the cables breaking or wearing out. Again, re-cabling a window mechanism is a good way of reducing costs.

Most bulbs, light units are interchangeable. Pre 2001 vehicles had different colour rear bumper mounted lights and facelift vehicles also have different light units.

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