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Land Rover Freelander 1 Interior


Different interior trim was used to reflect the levels of 'luxury' provided by the trim levels of E, S, ES ,Sport and Sport Premium. Obviously differences between the 3 door and 5 door include the headlining, rear seat, sunroof and boot side panels.

A simple enhancement for your vehicle is to obtain leather or more 'up market' seats to suit your taste. These can be easily changed over with the only warning being that the seat belt mountings have an 'anti-submarine' pre-tensioner mechanism which is 'fired' in an accident and the battery must be removed for at least 10 minutes before disconnecting them to prevent accidental 'firing'.

Seats and trim are pretty much all interchangeable to suite tastes of owners and due to the age of the vehicle replacing interior trim enhances the vehicle and increases its resale value.

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